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27 January 2018
Biology and Art Take Over the Berlin Central Station
- labiotech.eu


December 2017
Learning to listen to your gut
- European Biotechnology vol. 16, Winter Edition 2017, page 15-19

4 December 2017
Novozymes and Danish Pump Producer Set Sail in Pursuit of Clean Water
- labiotech.eu

October 2017
The Biologization of the Economy
- ELEMENTS #60, The Innovation Magazine, page 38

27 September 2017
Novozymes launches HelloScience to foster scientific collaboration
- biotech-now.org

25 September 2017
We are inviting collaboration on global challenges!
- huffingtonpost.com

21 September 2017
Novozymes launches HelloScience platform to spark bright ideas on global challenges
- businessgreen.com

21 September 2017
Novozymes Launches HelloScience to Encourage Global Collaboration on Big Issues
- labiotech.eu

April/May 2017
Pylopass™ - An inactivated probiotic ...
- Wellness Foods & Supplements, No.1, page 44-46

April 2017
Read about Pylopass™ in
- China Food Safety, e-magazine, No. 04-2017, page 16

13 April 2017
Chinese Supplement Brand Harnesses Unique Probiotic Strain to Address H. Pylori
- nutritionaloutlook.com

23 March 2017
A new launch of By-Health based on Organobalance ingredient
- nuffoodsspectrum.in

21 March 2017
Read about Pylopass™ on
- z.spzlwz.com, Science and Technology of Food Industry

13 March 2017
By-Health Launches Dietary Supplement Based on Organobalance Ingredientch bacteria
- nutritioninsight.com

10 March 2017
New probiotic supplement launched in China ...
By-Health's new Hericum Erinaceus & Lactibacillus Reuteri product is based on Pylopass, German biotech firm Organobalance's proprietary strain ...
- nutraingredients-asia.com

1 February 2017
Organobalance to Present Latest Findings in Bacteria Research
- nutritioninsight.com

January/February 2017
Digestive Health Ingredient Pylopass Launches Under the Life Extension Brand
- eBook, Nutrition Industry Executive, page 25


1 December 2016
Global Alpha-Amylase Market Revenue Predicted To Go Up by 2016 – 2024
... In September 2016, a Denmark-based leading biotechnology company announced acquisition of Organobalance GmbH, a Germany-based research and development company, specialist for manufacturing products based on microbial strain. ...
- satprnews.com

November 2016
It's time for change!
- ACHEMA Worldwide News 2/2016, page 3

17 November 2016
Pylopass Digestive-Health Ingredient Makes U.S. Debut
... Pylopass, a digestive-health ingredient manufactured by German biotechnology company Organobalance, will be making its debut on the U.S. dietary supplements market ...
- nutritionaloutlook.com

14 November 2016
Pylopass to Launch in the US
- nutritioninsight.com

22 September 2016
Novozymes buys microbe screening technology to bolster probiotic work
- feednavigator.com

21 September 2016
Novozymes Acquires Organobalance
- CHEManager 18/2016, page 10

19 September 2016
Novozymes moves on Microbes in recent Acquisition
- labiotech.eu

19 September 2016
Novozymes Acquires Organobalance
- process-worldwide.com

15 September 2016
Novozymes bags Organobalance.
Denmark’s Novozymes has acquired microbial research company Organobalance GmbH ...
- european-biotechnology.com

14 July 2016
Five cornerstones of a global bioeconomy
- Nature vol. 535: 221-223

April 2016
Helicobacter pylori and Peptic Ulcers - an in depth Report:
... Among the traditional natural treatments ... against H. pylori, is a newcomer, Pylopass.
- gutdoctor.com

10 March 2016
Novel Applications for Beneficial Microbes
- pentec-consulting.eu

18 February 2016
Organobalance buys back probiotic from Lonza
Reproduced by permission of nutraingredients.com. © William Reed Business Media SAS 2016.
- nutraingredients.com

February 2016
Bioeconomy Drives Resource Efficiency and GREEN GROWTH. Interview with Christine Lang
- renewablematter.eu


April 2014
A new candy has been created by the Berlin-based firm Organobalance in Germany that basically contains sugar-free, dead bacteria which will stimulate saliva flow, reduce bad oral bacteria and potentially reduce cavities also. Studies show that compared to the controlled group who ate these candies, 75% had significantly lower levels of Mutans streptococci in their saliva than before from eating the candies without sugar-free and dead bacteria.ä
- dentnet.com


11 September 2013
"Lactobacillus paracasei DSMZ16671 Reduces Mutans Streptococci: A Short-Term Pilot Study"
- Probiotics & Antimicro. Prot.


November 2012
- Biokatalyse2021

22 August 2012
Probiotics - oral health potential gathers pace
- NUTRAingredients.com

March 2012
"Enzymes companies on the verge of new niches"
- GoingPublic Special Industrial Biotechnology


17 March 2011
IADR/AADR Journal of Dental Research Cover of the Year
The 2011 Cover of the Year Award was presented to Christine Lang and her co-authors, for 'Specific Lactobacillus/Mutans Streptococcus Co-aggregation' J Dent Res February 2010 89:175-179. This recognition is presented for JDR cover image that enhances the impact of the article, ad is both scientifically novel and aesthetically pleasing.


April 2009
BASF set to commercialize pro-t-action - eliminating caries causing bacteria from the mouth
- News Release (BASF)

January 2009
ORGANOBALANCE - From Spin-Off to Successful Probiotics Producer
- BioTOPics


February 2007
"A new Cavity Fighter"
- allure


04. September 2006
"Here`s a novel cavity fighter: Just pop in chewing gum"
- lowellsun.com

"Chewing gum to fight decay likely"
- The New Zealand Herald

September 2006
"Probiotic bacteria combat tooth decay and body odour"

31. August 2006
"BASF to Market Bacteria-Fighting Chewing Gum"
- Dental News

"Fight tooth decay with chewing gum? Maybe"
- Scientific American.com

23. August 2006
"New gum set to chew its way through tooth decay"
- Confectionery news.com

"A Chewing Gum That Helps in Fighting Tooth Decay"
- MedIndia

22. August 2006
"Gum to stick it to bacteria that cause cavities"
- CBC.CA News

"Chewing gum that can stop tooth decay"
- IBN live.com

"New gums to prevent tooth decay"
- The Money Times

21. August 2006
"Friendly bacteria in chewing gum that bites back"
- Chemistry and Industry

"Living green: Bacterial gum keeps your teeth clean"
- Food Consumer

"BASF makes functional dental products with Lactobacillus"
- FOODnavigator.com Europe

"F.eatured P.roducts: Beneficial bacteria in chewing gum may ward off tooth decay"
- foodconsumer.org

"Bacteria added to gum, toothpaste and deodorant"
- Life Science

"Probiotic gum"
- Medgadget.com

"New Chewing Gum Can Prevent Tooth Decay"
- Medical News Today

"Bacteria for healthy teeth"
- Scenta

"But what will it do to your breath"
- The Daily News

"New gum has taste for fight against bad teeth"
- The Herald

"Yoghurt chewing gum aims to tackle tooth decay"
- The Scotsman

"Friendly yoghurt-based bacteria may help reduce tooth decay and body odour"
- Xenophilia

20. August 2006
"Friendly bacteria in chewing gum that bites back"
- EurekAlert!

15. August 2006
"Probiotic bacteria fight against caries and body odor"
- Chem Exec

11. August 2006
"Probiotic bacteria fight against caries and body odor"
- Chemie.de

August 2006
Probiotic bacteria revolutionize the fight against caries and body odor
- News Release (BASF)

"A new gum is being designed to help battle tooth decay"
- DogFlu.ca

"BASF is currently developing a gum that will prevent tooth decay"
- WorldFitness.CA


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